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Bible, Supernatural & Jews

The Bible, the Supernatural and the Jews
By McCandlish Phillips

In the original, unabridged text—this is not the condensed version. A sweeping overview of the whole supernatural realm, as the Bible reveals it to human understanding.

The author takes the reader by the hand and leads from the most basic facts on toward an advanced and mature grasp of these vastly vital realities.

Written in the crisp, direct style of a believer who was a famous New York Times reporter, the book was designed to prepare readers to take on the “graduate level” descriptions found in War on the Saints, a book that can be difficult for the uninitiated to handle without adequate basic instruction.

This fascinating book is no theoretical presentation of Bible revelations disconnected from daily life. Phillips lays what the Bible states to be true directly beside scores of actual examples of involvement in the supernatural, chiefly by younger people, whom he encountered and interviewed in his extensive investigation.

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Paperback: 363 pages
Publisher: Thomas E. Lowe, Ltd. (1970, 2013), ISBN: 978-0-913926-08-6

About the Book

The Bible, the Supernatural and the Jews is an investigation of the supernatural in its many aspects and a startling report on its effects on young people today, based in part on the author’s own encounters.

In this fascinating book, McCandlish Phillips ventures into the supernatural to identify powers and forces that are causing rapid, degenerative changes in American society as well as in individual behavior – changes that are inexplicable without an understanding of what lies behind them, unseen, but not incomprehensible. He takes his readers to places they have never been, and shows them things they have never seen, in a report that carefully describes hidden powers behind convulsive events.

A scholar has described the American college campus as a “disaster area for Judaism.” Phillips explains why this is so. He shows why young people of high-school and college age are coming under intense pressures to depart extravagantly from social norms, and why this departure is often more dangerous for a young Jew than it is for a Gentile.

“There are spiritual and supernatural forces at work today causing changes of great magnitude in human affairs. If we fail to recognize them we shall continue to be utterly helpless in dealing with them,” Phillips says, drawing the reader to passages of the Bible that clearly delineate the nature of these forces.

Supernaturalism has flooded in upon the American scene in a rush, creating a widespread interest in clairvoyance, psychicism, occultism, astrology, witchcraft, necromancy, out-of-body travel, transcendental meditation, extrasensory perception, and various forms of mysticism and spiritism. Phillips explains why these things should not be entered into lightly, and he tells why it is especially deadly for a Jew to dabble ignorantly in such things. His book marks out certain danger zones in the supernatural; it also invites the reader to consider supernatural experiences and gifts that the Bible declares to be good, and necessary, for man.

“Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions,” the Bible promises the Jews, offering a strong invitation to legitimate supernatural experiences. The invitation is extended to the Gentiles also.

Most American synagogues and churches are blind to the supernatural, or even stoutly and rigidly antagonistic to is, Phillips writes, arguing that they have created a tremendous void that is now being filled by other sources: “In their profound distrust of the supernatural, and in their insistence on stale rote, houses of worship have won a reputation among the young as the dullest places in town, so they go out and get their supernatural experiences wherever they can.”

There are active, intelligent, invisible forces affecting world and national events. On an individual level these forces can produce definite effects in thoughts, feelings, speech, and behavior, the author says.

He traces links that exist between forces and events in the physical and natural realms, and forces and concurrent events in the spiritual and supernatural realms.

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Table of Contents
Part I: Journey Into the Supernatural
The Chariots of Israel: More Than Meets the Eye
The Door That Can Never Be Opened Again
The Impenetrable Order
He Comes As Wind
Testing Prophets and Dreamers of Dreams
A Lady Named Lowe
Journey Into the Supernatural: Knowing What Is
Part II: The Biblical Structure of Reality
The Invisible God: “I AM”
Battle for Allegiance
The Origin of Satan
Part III: The Thieves of Forever
The Angels of the Dragon
Demons in Hiding
Demons Exposed
Casting Demons Out
King Saul Consults a Medium
A Prevalence of Death
The Thieves of Forever
The Limitation of Demons
Part IV: The Challenge to Self-Possession
Spirit, Soul, and Body
Stages and Degrees of Demonic Control
Satan’s Three-Part Program for the Young
Part V: Mysticism, Mediums, Witchcraft, and Magic
A Victim of Magic
Witchcraft in America
New Gods Rush In
A Witch on Wall Street
Drugs and the Supernatural
Part VI: Influence
The Media – Marching to Satan’s Music
The Other Side of the Ledger
The Influence of the Jews
The Origin of the Youth Subculture
Why Dead?
Part VII: On Being a Real Jew
Tradition and Truth in Conflict
Signs, Symbols, and Reality
Circumcision – Outward and Inward
Charter of Freedom

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