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Blumhardt’s Battle: A Conflict With Satan

Blumhardt’s Battle:
A Conflict with Satan

By Johann Christoph Blumhardt, translated by Frank S. Boshold

This extraordinary narrative—a compelling, true, vividly detailed account of the means by which a Lutheran minister delivered a young woman from demon possession—delineates the reality and powers of these unseen beings.

Gottliebin Dittus was a victim of witchcraft and magic and she became possessed by evil spirits. Her behavior and her personality changed dangerously. Mental torments and physical afflictions drove her nearly to suicide.

She seemed clearly beyond human help when Johann Blumhardt entered direct conflict with unseen powers of evil on her behalf. At length, after a harrowing battle, he saw her restored fully and leading a sane, free, normal life.

The entire account, which is translated from the original German, centers on a minister’s unquenchable faith that “Jesus is victor!”

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About the Book

Less than ten years ago, most Americans felt strongly that demons, devils, witches and spells belonged to a distant, benighted time. Yet we have seen a widespread resurgence in practices of witchcraft and magic. Satanic cults have arisen: we read of ritual murders by members of sinister youth communes. The reality of demon possession no longer seems remote. In the big cities of the Western world, life at times seems like one continuous Walpurgis Night.

The very deepest books of spiritism and witchcraft have been brought into this country. Many Americans are being made victims of the false supernatural, mainly through ignorance. The flood of supernaturalism in America is beyond the control of the government and its agencies, institutions and organized churches, but it is not beyond the power of God.

If there ever was a hopeless case, it was that of Gottliebin Dittus, whose story this book tells. Because of a youthful involvement with magic, she became possessed by evil spirits. Her behavior and personality changed dangerously. Mental torments and physical afflictions, including convulsions, drove her nearly to suicide. She seemed clearly beyond human help with Johann Christoph Blumhardt, a minister of the Lutheran Church, was led to enter direct conflict with the powers of darkness on her behalf. In the battle that ensued, he learned much about the honest weapons of spiritual warfare. At length he saw her fully restored, physically and spiritually, to a sane, free, normal existence.

This account is translated from an official church document – Pastor Blumhardt’s carefully detailed report of his battle, prepared for the Synod to which he was responsible. Through the whole account rings the assurance that, whatever may come, “Jesus is Victor!”

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