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Come, Follow Me

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Come, Follow Me:

Becoming Disciples and Members of the Body of Christ

By Christopher White

A call to radical commitment to Jesus and to neglected Scriptural revelation about His church, its ministries and gifts, and the Holy Spirit’s empowerment of every Christian to an active, irreplaceable role. The author Christopher White is an evangelist and campus minister based in New York City, preaching and teaching there and in Colombia, South America. A graduate of Yale and Columbia Universities, he is a member of the Luis Palau Association’s Next Generation Alliance.

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About Come, Follow Me:

The best description of the Christian life portrayed in the New Testament is that of discipleship leading to authentic, active membership in the Body of Christ. Therefore, the first part of this book describes what it means to become a disciple of Jesus. Once we become disciples, however, desiring to do God’s will and not our own, then the issue arises of finding our place in the church, Christ’s Body. But what is the church from God’s perspective?

“Christopher White’s Come, Follow Me is God inspired and life changing. In a world full of books giving advice to Christians, this is where you want to spend your time. It is one of the best books I have read, succinctly and accurately addressing the historical drift of Christianity away from Jesus’ call to wholehearted discipleship and the basic structure of the first century church. Throughout his book, he thoroughly analyzes Scripture and history to draw conclusions. If you have ever longed for more in your church or relationship with Jesus, this book will show you how to get there.”
—Jeremy Story, President, Campus Renewal Ministries

“If you, like many, long for something deeper in your Christian experience, for a new level of community in the Body of Christ; if you wonder what the New Testament church could be like today, then this book is for you. In this call to radical commitment to our Head, Jesus, and to Body life, Chris White has given us something of great value. I deeply appreciate his unswervingly biblical approach to the Church, his reasoned, logical development, all tied together by a call to commit everything to the Lordship of Christ. There is nothing dry or difficult here: just solid explanation of New Testament ministry and devoted discipleship to Jesus. I found myself reflecting and praying often as I read, and I think you will too. I strongly recommend this work.”
—Dr. Mike Packevicz, Missionary/Teacher in East Asia

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I Discipleship
1 Believers or Disciples?
   1.1 Instructed in His ways
   1.2 An attitude of the heart
   1.3 The cross of Christ
   1.4 Called to be disciples
2 The Biblical Church
   2.1 Eternal temple, beloved bride
   2.2 Opposition
   2.3 Restoration
3 False Prophets
   3.1 According to their desires
   3.2 Twice dead
   3.3 Lord, grant yieldedness
4 The Call of God
   Priests and kings
5 Freedom or Bondage?
   5.1 The great divide
   5.2 Lords or servants?
   5.3 God’s word or man’s opinion?
   5.4 Washed in the blood and in the word
6 Character and Community
7 Idolatry

II The Body of Christ
8 Will You Go with Jesus?
   8.1 One people
   8.2 The tyranny of self
9 The Blueprint in the Bible
10 Apostles
11 Prophets
12 Evangelists
13 Pastors (Shepherds)
14 Teachers
15 Elders
16 Deacons
17 Other Gifts
   17.1 Healings and miracles
   17.2 Helps
   17.3 Administration
   17.4 Varieties of tongues
   17.5 Word of wisdom and word of knowledge
   17.6 Faith
   17.7 Prophecy
   17.8 Discerning of spirits
18 Thy Will be Done
   His temple, His body, His bride
19 The Bridegroom Cometh


About the Author

Mr. White, the son of a Congregational minister, was reared in various small New England towns. He graduated from Masconomet Regional High School in Boxford, Massachusetts. After completing three semesters at Yale University he withdrew, unable to afford the costs, and worked in home improvement contracting in Yonkers for several years. Later he returned to Yale to complete his degree, graduating with honors in 1987 with a major in History, focusing on the Middle East. His senior essay, A Time to Favor Zion: the Jews of Jerusalem 1825-1850, was commended by the Chancellor of Tel Aviv University.

Having earned his M.A. in Education in 1991 at Teachers College/Columbia University, Mr. White taught mathematics and history at public and private high schools, including Scarsdale High School, the Greenwich Country Day School, the Masters School in Dobbs Ferry, and for twelve years, at the Convent of the Sacred Heart on 91st Street in Manhattan. Honors received while in education include being nominated in 2003 and 2006 to Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers, and being named Outstanding Teacher in the Upper School at Convent of the Sacred Heart in 2005. As of July 1, 2007, he retired from teaching mathematics to go into full-time evangelism.

Mr. White is a member evangelist of the Proclamation Evangelism Network, and also of the Next Generation Alliance of the Luis Palau Evangelistic Association. He has spoken in numerous open-air outreaches in various parts of New York City, including Wall Street, Broadway, Flushing Meadow Park, Times Square, and Columbus Circle. He has held evangelistic concerts every summer since 2003 at the Naumburg Bandshell in Central Park, New York City, and now also at the Jones Beach Boardwalk Bandshell on Long Island. He also speaks in churches in various parts of the city.

Beginning with an invitation in April 2004 from the president of CEDECOL, the consortium of evangelical churches of Colombia, Mr. White has made more than twenty evangelistic journeys to Colombia. He has spoken in evangelistic outreaches and campaigns in Bogotá, Cali, Bucaramanga, Santa Marta, Ipiales, Sogamoso, Piedecuesta, and many other cities in Colombia. In May 2010, he held his first evangelistic campaign in Tulcan, Ecuador. He has appeared numerous times on radio and television in Colombia. In March 2006, he was a featured speaker at the First Colombian National Congress of Evangelists in Bogotá, presenting on the theme “The Passion of the Evangelist.”

He was a leader in campus Bible studies at Yale for many years, and took part in Bible studies at Princeton for several years. In recent years, he has been a regular guest speaker at Yale, Columbia, and various other universities in the northeastern United States. He has also helped organize the city-wide One Cry university prayer gatherings in New York City for the last few years together with Jeremy Story, President of Campus Renewal Ministries. An ordained minister, a singer and songwriter, he is the author of more than thirty sacred songs.

He and his wife, Pilar, have four sons, Joseph, Jacob, Matthew, and Nathaniel.