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Thomas E. Lowe, Ltd.

The publishing house responsible for the Ninth Edition of War on the Saints is named in memory of a man of God, an evangelist and planter of churches in Maryland, Thomas Ernest Lowe. This able and zealous minister, seeing the great abundance of Gospel opportunity for North Americans and realizing the scarcity of that same opportunity for millions in South America, set out in the 1930’s for Colombia, to survey the spiritual landscape, and was joined there by his wife, Hannah. They worked together until Mr. Lowe, still a relatively young and most vigorous man, died in the capital city of Bogotá in 1941.

It is chiefly to his widow, Hannah Lowe, that readers of this unabridged volume owe their possession of it. Knowing the great value to believers of this exceptional work, she carefully searched for a copy of the whole text over an extended period in the 1960’s and, at length, found two copies, one in nearly perfect condition. The republication of the whole volume in its present form, after having been out of print for years, was strenuously opposed, but in 1973, with the help of like-minded believers, Mrs. Lowe had the joy of seeing the book once again made available exactly as its authors intended. It has been available continuously since that time.

Mrs. Lowe, vibrant in service to her Lord until her final days, died at Jerusalem in June 1983, having spent a year in the beloved City.

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