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War on the Saints

War on the Saints!
The Full Text, Unabridged Edition

By Jessie Penn-Lewis with Evan Roberts

Why, most Christians do not even know there is a war on. The Church has not dealt with the powers of darkness as an enlightened and united body. Here and there, individuals have been raised up by God to make significant inroads into the vast territory over which the devil holds such undisputed sway. Jessie Penn-Lewis was one of these isolated warriors.

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Hardcover: 325 pages
Publisher: Thomas E. Lowe, Ltd. (1973)
ISBN: 978-0-913926-04-8

About War on the Saints, The Full Text, Unabridged Edition:

The classic book on spiritual warfare—the unabridged original with appendices, not one word changed, not one word cut. 325 pages, hardcover.

A brilliant, highly accurate description of specific ways by which the powers of darkness work to confuse, deceive, oppose, afflict, mislead or bind believers—and how to detect, oppose and overcome them. An advanced text, not for quick or easy reading. Requires study—yields keen, sure understanding. Thomas E. Lowe, Ltd. restored this full original text to the public in 1973 after many years in which the editors of the condensed edition had opposed and blocked its publication.

Today, Mrs. Penn-Lewis’s books are still widely read by Christians and deservedly so, but there is a significant exception: her most important book, War on the Saints, written in collaboration with the famous Welsh revivalist, Evan Roberts, had been only available in a highly abridged version. There are many books which can be abridged without losing content, but in the case of War on the Saints the word “abridged” is certainly the wrong one simply because the main thrust of her vital book was eliminated in the abridged and emasculated version. The editors based their decision to discontinue the original version “first and foremost” on their rejection of the important teaching regarding demon influence on Christians.

Together with What Every Christian Should Know About the Supernatural, these two superior books take the reader step by step into a full and effective understanding of this subject matter. One lays the foundation for a ready understanding of the next. They provide both basic and advanced practical understanding.

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What Every Christian Should Know About the Supernatural

By McCandlish Phillips
Softcover: 225 pages


War on the Saints, The Full Text, Unabridged Edition

By Jessie Penn-Lewis with Evan Roberts
Hardcover: 325 pages

Our price: $32.95

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Table of Contents

Introductory Chapter

Chapter 1 Biblical survey of Satanic deception
Chapter 2 Satanic confederacy of wicked spirits
Chapter 3 Deception by evil spirits in modern times
Chapter 4 Passivity the chief basis of possession
Chapter 5 Deception and possession
Chapter 6 Counterfeits of the Divine
Chapter 7 Ground and symptoms of possession
Chapter 8 The Path to Freedom
Chapter 9 The Volition and Spirit of Man
Chapter 10 Victory in Conflict
Chapter 11 War upon the Powers of Darkness
Chapter 12 Revival Dawn

Summary of “Ground”
Seeking radical cause in ground
Brief Notes
The true workings of God, and the Counterfeits of Satan


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A Classic Treatise

This indispensable work fills a notable gap in Christian literature.

There are excellent Christian books on just about every subject concerning the believer and the church: books on prayer, missions, church work, evangelism, prophecy, and many more. But if anyone needed a book on how to recognize, identify and effectively oppose the work of demons, he would discover a lack of titles on the subject.

The earnest Christian of today, aware of a constant increase of demon activity in every aspect of life, wonders about this serious omission. In the time in which we live, no Christian can afford to close his eyes and pretend there is no reason for concern or that the church and he as a believer need not be involved in the conflict.

War on the Saints is a classic treatise on the work of demons. It explains carefully how the enemy works and how to defeat him. It is relatively easy for Christians to deal with sin, but when they face satan and his countless wiles, they will be at a loss to know what to do, at least in many cases. St. Paul serenely affirmed in his day, “We are not ignorant of the devil’s devices,” and the life and ministry of the early church proved it. This lucid book scatters ignorance of satan’s devices!

The Church of Jesus Christ today is in dire need of men and women who will use the gifts of the Spirit and exercise spiritual authority over demons. Two experienced Christians, both with keen discernment of spirits, wrote the most helpful book on the subject, War on the Saints. Jessie Penn-Lewis had a wide public ministry with an emphasis on overcoming. Evan Roberts, the chief evangelist of the Welsh revival, joined Mrs. Penn-Lewis in writing this penetrating study.

Appeal for Readers

The main appeal of this important work will be to two classes of readers. The first includes those who have become involved in some false system of religious teaching, drawing its inspiration from satanic lies instead of from the sane balanced truth of the Word of God, and who have thus opened themselves to abnormal spiritual experiences which often result in demon possession. The suffering endured by these dupes of the powers of evil is intense; and since the first edition of this book was printed in 1912 there have been many testimonies to deliverance and help received through its pages from such readers. Eternity alone will reveal the ministry it has already exercised and will yet, by the mercy of God, fulfil in restoring such to hope, peace, and sanity.

The second type of reader to whom this book is of immense value is the Christian worker who finds himself or herself faced with cases of spiritual abnormality, of which there seem to be an increasing number in these days of intense satanic activity. Such readers will find in these pages not only the principles, but also the particulars of the way demons work to control their victims. The applicable truths, so lucidly set forth, will enable them at last to recognize, identify and powerfully oppose hidden works of darkness. For those who desire to understand it fully, “War on the Saints” is an enduring classic of the Christian’s conflict.

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